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Issue 15: Everyone Has An Uncle Who Has Slept With Allen Ginsberg by Sam Sax



my friend who works at the beat museum says

it happens at least once a day

where an older gentleman’s eyes smug over

in one self important glaze and says

you know, son, i once sucked allen ginsberg’s dick or

you know allen ginsberg once asked me to eat his…

"the fifteen minutes stretched out over a lifetime. maybe that is enough
to believe so deeply in your own significance that you pass it onto your children. they can say, my father once swallowed a famous poet

and that now lingers in me. how a good man can turn semen into legacy
or celebrity or the places those two meet. what a beautiful thing to be
remembered through your body as your body of work.”

I love you, Sam Sax.

well, this is pretty factual, actually….